Seasoned Lawyer in Metheun Helping Area Business Owners With Divorce Issues in Essex, Middlesex and Surrounding Counties

Divorce is nearly always challenging, but a family-owned business can make it even more complicated, especially when there is concern that dividing the business will cause it to fail.

The Law Office of Carol Weinstein Boileau is based in Methuen, and handles family law matters for clients primarily in Middlesex County and Essex County, Massachusetts. Lawyer Carol Weinstein Boileau has been providing quality legal representation and realizing results for her clients for over 40 years.

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Representing Business Owners Throughout Massachusetts

Whether or not a business will be allocated to one spouse or the other, or whether a buy-out will be required by the spouse retaining the business, depends on a number of factors in the law. Attorney Weinstein Boileau will review all aspects of the business, within the context of all marital property, apply the law, and give advice as to how best to proceed with regard to a business.

Need Help With Business Valuations?

It is important to obtain a fair and impartial valuation of your business. In some situations, one spouse might try to improperly value the business in an attempt to get more out of the property division. Attorney Weinstein Boileau can review the business valuation with the guidance of impartial experts to ensure fairness.

She has proven herself to be a professional and credible advocate noted for her skill at negotiating settlements of difficult issues and for her firm advocacy in litigation. Protect your business as you move forward with your divorce. Please call us at 978-691-5666 or contact our lawyer online. We welcome your call.