Experienced Paternity, Support, Enforcement and Parental Rights' Lawyer

At the Law Office of Carol Weinstein Boileau, we handle paternity legal matters for both mothers and fathers primarily throughout Middlesex County and Essex County, Massachusetts. Our clients include never-married biological parents of a child, with one now seeking support or to spend more time with the child.

Mothers' Rights

If you are a mother seeking support, we can help you establish paternity and secure the money that you need to help you raise your son or daughter. DNA testing is a relatively straightforward matter, and the potential father must oblige the courts in allowing the testing.

Fathers' Rights

If you are a father seeking to determine paternity so you can have parenting access to your biological child, we will help you establish paternity. Ex-boyfriends have the same visitation and custody rights and support responsibilities as do other fathers. We help educate fathers on their rights and responsibilities, and seek to craft a detailed parenting plan acceptable to the mother and the courts.

More Than 40 Years' Experience

As a lawyer with more than 40 years' experience dealing with difficult legal matters involving children and their parents, attorney Carol Weinstein Boileau is equipped to help you resolve your paternity matter and establish an appropriate parenting plan that works for all involved and fosters your family's health.

Answers and Solutions

To learn more about how we can help you resolve your parental rights or paternity matter, please call attorney Carol Weinstein Boileau at 978-691-5666 or email our Methuen, Massachusetts, law firm.