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Filing for your 2nd divorce? Keep these things in mind

On Behalf of | May 15, 2019 | Divorce, Firm News |

Deciding to end a marriage can be a complicated matter. Even when a person is no longer happily married, it can be an emotional matter to file for divorce. Many people are also concerned about various financial matters, and parents might feel worried about how to handle child custody. These problems can feel magnified for those who are pursuing their second divorce.

Although it is not always the case, those in Massachusetts who are filing for their second or even third divorce tend to do so later in life. This means that they have had more time to accumulate assets, which puts more on the line than during a divorce that might have happened years or even decades ago. Another complicating factor involves the financial details of the settlement from a first divorce, including ongoing spousal support payments.

Parents also face unique challenges when pursuing second divorces. If a parent has children from both marriages and all the children are still minors, balancing two different custody agreements can be extremely complicated. Parents have to not only figure out what is in the best interests of their children, but also how to sync calendars and parenting schedules with not one ex-spouse, but two.

Financial concerns and worries over parenting time are common during divorce, but they can feel even bigger during a second divorce. That is partly because determining an appropriate division of property and the best possible custody agreement usually is more difficult during a second or third divorce. However, complicating factors from past divorces and relationships should not prevent someone from seeking a divorce when necessary. By paying careful attention to detail and seeking help when necessary, most people in Massachusetts can come out on the other side of a second divorce feeling as financially secure as possible.