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Fighting fairly during a child custody battle

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2020 | Child Custody |

Child custody courts prioritize the best interests of the child in all circumstances. This means that how the courts perceive your character is of huge importance. It is most important to show that you are a responsible adult who is mature enough to put your child first. Therefore, sneaky tactics, aggression and fighting with your divorcing spouse in the hope of stopping them from winning the custody battle could easily backfire.

This is the main reason why it is particularly important to fight fairly in a child custody battle. It is important that you stand your ground and fight for what you believe is the best outcome for your children, but you must do so in a mature and civilized way. The following are some tips for winning your child custody battle by fighting with fairness in mind.

Don’t try to fix your spouse

You likely have been married to your spouse for several years. While you may see their potential, you need to accept that your relationship has ended in divorce — if you’ve not been able to change them by now, the probability is that you never will. Therefore, if you have genuine concerns about their ability to raise your children without supervision, you should voice them, and not simply hope that they will change.

Focus on what you can provide

If you cannot find legitimate ways to argue that your divorcing spouse would not be a responsible custodial parent, you can take the higher ground and place the focus on how you will be able to provide the best care. Perhaps you can provide evidence that you have been the primary parent for all of your children’s lives, or that you are able to provide them with the most stable and loving home, which will minimize the disruption that they will experience as a result of the divorce.

Every child custody battle depends on the unique circumstances that you are facing. Therefore, make sure that you take action to understand how you can be successful in your pursuit.