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Potentially valuable marital assets to consider when divorcing

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2023 | Divorce |

Unaddressed financial issues can break a marriage and destroy one spouse’s side of a final divorce resolution. After giving so much of your life to the relationship, you deserve a fair share of all marital property.

Unfortunately, most people disregard many forms of property with current or future value when ending a marriage. Below, you will discover some little-known examples of marital property with the potential to become quite valuable:

Points and miles

Credit card points and airline miles can have significant value, which is often ignored by both spouses in most divorces. It might seem like nit-picking to address these assets in a divorce, but in equitable division states, like New Hampshire and Massachusetts, it is wise to include them. Make sure your property settlement contains fair terms for dividing airline miles and card points.

Country club memberships

Did you know that many country clubs will buy back a membership, sometimes for a higher amount than the original purchase price? You may also be able to sell the membership to someone else for more than you paid. Memberships like these are little-known assets that belong in every divorce settlement.

Stock options

Has your spouse been given the right to buy or sell company stock by their employer? Unvested, these stocks may have no value now but could generate considerable income in the future. You may need to ask a divorce representative for guidance on addressing stocks and stock options in your property settlement.

Often, you must think outside the box when assessing your marital finances ahead of a divorce. The small things you may think are valueless could add substantial financial padding to your post-divorce life.