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How to inform an abusive spouse you want a divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2023 | Divorce |

Divorce can be challenging, but matters can worsen if domestic violence or emotional abuse is involved in the marriage. According to the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy, couples in almost 20% of marriages and intimate partnerships engage in abusive behavior, emotional abuse being more common. 

If you are in such a marriage and have decided to go through a divorce, you need to be more careful when informing your spouse about your decision. The following are three tips to use.

Do it in a public environment

It’s essential to talk to an abusive spouse about divorce in public, in a private setting. This allows you to have privacy, but also, they may not act as they would if you were home alone. 

You should have a place where you can stay, perhaps at a loved one’s home, after having the conversation because they may act cool in public but get violent when you get home.

Be prepared for more abuse

An abusive partner may worsen upon receiving divorce news. Thus, you need to be prepared for this. They may not get physical because you will be in public, but they may be disrespectful and provoke you into a fight. When you come ready, you will see through this and know the best ways to respond.

Keep your children safe

If you have kids, ensure they are safe before heading for the meeting. You can take them to your loved one’s place and join them after the conversation.

Divorcing an abusive spouse can be devastating. You should ensure you and your kids are safe before having the divorce discussion. Further, consider getting legal help to protect your interests.