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Making the transition to two homes easier for kids after divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 19, 2023 | Child Custody |

Your child has likely been used to living in one home. Now they need to get used to two.

Regardless of how you split custody, they are likely to spend time in your place and your soon-to-be ex’s place. That’s a massive change, so what can you do to make it easier for them?

Two sets of things

The shock of their parent’s split can affect children’s performance at school. The last thing they need is a teacher on their back because they forgot the book they needed to do their homework at your co-parent’s or forgot their project at yours.

Clearly, you cannot duplicate everything, but consider what could make a difference. At the very least, toiletries and a change of clothes or two can help. If they split time close to evenly between homes you may need to duplicate much more.

Give them their own space in each house

Even if your child only comes to visit during the daytime, allocating them their own space in your home can help them feel like it is their home as well as yours. If you don’t have much space, even a shelf or cupboard to keep a few of their things can be important.

Whatever that space is, let them have a hand in creating it. For example, if they have their own room when they stay with you, allowing them a hand in the decoration can help it feel like their bedroom rather than the guest bedroom.

The other big thing that can ease the transition from one home to two is seeing that their parents can still work together for their benefit. Understanding how to minimize the conflict in your divorce can go a long way to achieving that.