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Good faith reasons to move after you get divorced

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2023 | Child Custody |

If you get divorced and you don’t have children, you can move anywhere that you wish. The divorce proceedings do have to take place in the state where you filed, but you could move to another state after the divorce is over. You wouldn’t have any restrictions and you do not need to live close to your ex

However, if the two of you have children together, then things can get a bit more complicated. After all, both you and your ex may share parenting time (physical custody) of your children. The court will issue an order that gives you a parenting arrangement and a schedule that you have to keep. An example is when you have the kids for one week and your ex has them for the following week. 

Why this impacts a move

Moving can create issues because it’s impossible to share parenting time when people live too far apart. It’s hard to trade weeks when you live in different states, for instance. This would require a modification of the court order, and you may need to show good faith reasons to move in order to get it. Examples of these reasons include:

  • Going to college 
  • Taking a job 
  • Reducing expenses and the cost of living 
  • Moving near extended family members

The thing to keep in mind is that you need to take things slowly and ensure that you take the proper steps. Don’t just move without getting the modification of the court order, and don’t violate your ex’s rights by taking the children with you. Doing so could have a negative impact on your parental rights. Instead, take the time to go through the proper legal channels, file the correct paperwork and only move once the order has been modified appropriately.