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Great resources for virtual visitation arrangements

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2024 | Child Custody |

Co-parenting virtual visitation arrangements have become increasingly popular in the last decade or so. This trend makes perfect sense, as regular electronic contact between parents and kids – and between co-parents as well – can help everyone who needs to stay connected in a co-parenting situation achieve this goal efficiently and effectively. In many cases, virtual arrangements are essential for maintaining a strong parent-child relationship when physical presence isn’t possible or practical.

Nowadays, there are numerous resources available to support co-parents in managing their arrangements effectively. The following are great resources for co-parenting virtual visitation arrangements:

Platforms worth checking out

The following are just a few of the great resources that can be used to support co-parenting virtual visitation arrangements.

Video chats:

  • Zoom: Widely used for its reliability and ease of use, Zoom offers a platform for video calls and can be scheduled in advance, making it a practical choice for planned virtual chats
  • Skype: An established tool that provides free video calling, Skype is user-friendly and accessible on various devices
  • FaceTime: For Apple device users, FaceTime offers a seamless way to conduct video calls. Its intuitive interface may be especially beneficial for younger children

Scheduling apps:

  • Google Calendar: A free tool that allows parents to create and share parenting time schedules
  • Cozi: A family organizer app designed to manage schedules, including parenting time dates, which can be shared between co-parents

Messaging tools:

  • WhatsApp: Offers end-to-end encrypted messaging and video calling, suitable for regular check-ins and updates
  • Facebook Messenger Kids: Specifically designed for children, it provides a safe environment for them to message and video call with parental controls

Online Games and Activities:

  • Pogo: Offers a variety of online games that parents and children can play together during virtual visits
  • Caribu: An interactive app where parents and children can read books, draw and play games together in a virtual playdate setting

There are also a host of co-parenting websites, blogs and streamlined multi-function platforms – including OurFamilyWizard and Co-Parenting International – that can be helpful to co-parents under a variety of circumstances.

At the end of the day, it’s simply important to remember that co-parents don’t have to struggle unnecessarily when managing virtual visitation arrangements. Nowadays, there are a host of resources available that can help.