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Tips for co-parenting a medically complex child

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2024 | Child Custody |

Developing a parenting plan for a medically complex child requires thoughtful consideration and detailed planning. It’s not just about deciding physical custody and parenting time schedules. Making these efforts also help to ensure that the child’s health and well-being are prioritized at every step.

This complex situation demands that parents work collaboratively to create a plan accommodating their child’s unique needs. Parents must consider the child’s medical appointments, treatment schedules and emergency care plans. Additionally, the child’s emotional and psychological support should be a considered and integrated appropriately.

Health care considerations

One of the primary factors in developing a parenting plan for a medically complex child is ensuring continuous and coordinated health care. This means parents must decide how to share information and make decisions regarding the child’s medical needs. Establishing a system for updating each other on the child’s health status and medical appointments is crucial.

Access to medical facilities

Parents should consider how the child’s need for frequent medical care impacts their living arrangements and visitation schedules. The parenting plan might need to outline how parents will manage transportation to appointments and handle the logistics of long-term treatments, ensuring the child has access to the best possible care without disrupting their routine.

Educational and emotional support needs

The parenting plan should address how parents will support the child’s educational needs, including any special education services, therapies or accommodations the child requires. Additionally, ensuring the child has access to emotional and psychological support is crucial. This can include access to counseling or therapy services and ensuring the child maintains a strong support network of friends and family.

Working with someone familiar with creating parenting plans for medically fragile children can help ensure everything is covered. Formalizing expectations in this way also help to ensure that all provisions are enforceable.