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Concern for the future of a family-owned business can make division of property even more contentious than usual, especially when the value of the business is not clear.

Our goal is for your business to remain successful after your divorce has been finalized. This may involve negotiation with your spouse and trade-offs in other areas of property division. The first step in the future success of the business is to obtain a fair valuation.

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One spouse might think it is in his or her best interests to improperly value the business in an attempt to get more out of the property division. An improper valuation, however, may ultimately lead to the business’s demise.

For an effective and proper valuation of a business, it is necessary for the business owner(s) to provide up-to-date financial statements and records. Attorney Carol Weinstein Boileau can then determine, with the help of impartial experts, if the business can be divided without causing it to fail.

Massachusetts Property Division Issues

Lawyer Carol Weinstein Boileau has the necessary business know-how and strong connections to a team of financial experts to help you avoid common problems and mistakes that arise during business valuation done for the purpose of divorce proceedings.

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