“Effective April 10, 2023, we are pleased to welcome Attorney Carol Weinstein Boileau Esq. , as Of Counsel to the Firm.”

Fighting For A Favorable Child Custody Agreement

When you have children, their needs are by necessity at the forefront of your divorce. Your divorce lawyer needs to balance your rights as a parent with their needs and well-being to craft a favorable child custody and parenting time agreement. The resulting arrangement will have a significant impact on your child’s development, as well as on child support and other aspects of your divorce.

At the Law Offices of Meridith A. Gregory, LLC, we have extensive knowledge of child custody law. With locations in North Andover we are dedicated to representing parents in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire. We are particularly adept at handling jurisdictional issues involving parents who live in both states.

Resolving Interstate And International Custody Issues

After a divorce, one of the parents may want to relocate out of state or in more extreme circumstances, a foreign-born parent may attempt to take the child back to their home country. As a law firm with locations in multiple states, we are particularly familiar with the jurisdictional issues that arise with state removal disputes. If your child has been taken outside of the country, we also work closely with the Hague Convention to ensure your child returns home safely.

We Leverage Our Reputation As Trusted Mediators And Skilled Litigators

Custody matters and parenting time issues can represent some of the most difficult divorce terms to resolve. Our firm has assisted countless clients in meeting their goals collaboratively through mediation and arbitration, vigorously standing by their parental rights while offering creative and cooperative solutions to the most contentious disagreements.

When we are unable to reach a more amicable agreement, attorney Meridith A. Gregory also has an extensive background in the courtroom. She began her legal career litigating civil disputes and is a fierce representative for your family. While her passion lies in helping children and parents through divorce and the family law challenges that accompany it, her trial experience gives many of our clients the upper hand in achieving their goals when mediation and negotiation fail.

Preserve Time With Your Children After Your Divorce

Your children deserve and need to spend time with you. Our firm will collaborate with you to create an optimal custody and parenting time agreement. To arrange a free initial consultation, call our Massachusetts office at 978-655-4787, our New Hampshire office at 603-589-9629, or email our firm.

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