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Resolving Complex International Custody And Relocation Issues

Divorces can be complex even when both parents reside, and plan to continue to reside, in the same state. But if your divorce or child custody dispute involves more than a single jurisdiction, it is imperative to hire a divorce lawyer familiar with negotiating custody across state lines and international borders. Each state and every country has its own statutes relating to family law.

The Law Offices of Meridith A. Gregory, LLC, frequently practices across multiple jurisdictions and has amassed extensive experience in dealing with these interstate issues. With locations in North Andover we often represent clients who are located in two different states, or are looking to relocate to another state. Our experience in this area of family law also extends internationally where we work closely with the Hague Convention as well as various national legal systems to fight for you and your family’s future.

Swiftly Handling State Removal Issues

While we split our practice between Massachusetts and New Hampshire, we have litigated cases involving many other states as well. Our attorneys understand the legal intricacies of the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA) and are able to skillfully resolve the challenges that arise in multistate disputes. We approach these delicate matters in a way that balances your child’s best interests with your rights as their parent.

Aggressive Intervention In International Child Custody Cases

One strategy unfortunately employed by some foreign-born divorcing spouses involves taking their child back to their home country in an attempt to maintain custody there. Our practice works very closely with the Hague Convention in matters involving international child abduction or relocation to find your child and bring them home. For countries not covered by the Hague Convention, we understand the various laws and nuances in place and will fight tirelessly to bring about a positive outcome.

Benefit From Our Decades Of International Family Law Experience

There are many other international family law issues you may encounter beyond child abduction. From foreign divorce orders to complex and high-value international asset division, we are always fully prepared to represent your case. Our firm employs decades of experience to meet your goals and is trusted across the region to handle family law disputes that span multiple states or countries.

Discover Your Options For Resolving Jurisdictional Custody Disputes

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