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For parents working through a divorce, the issue of child custody can be hotly contested and potentially cause strife and turmoil for years to come. Generally, the more contentious the child custody disagreement, the harder it can be to reasonably communicate with the other parent on parenting matters post-divorce.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to retain the services of a lawyer who knows how to help you navigate even the most difficult of child custody or modification matters in a way that saves time and trauma to all people involved?

Call the Law Office of Carol Weinstein Boileau in Methuen, Massachusetts, at 978-691-5666 for caring, capable and effective child custody counsel and advocacy, or send us an email.

The Law Office of Carol Weinstein Boileau is well-qualified to help you resolve your child custody matters, whether you:

  • Disagree with your divorcing spouse about custody matters and parenting plans
  • Seek a custody and visitation divorce modification
  • Intend to relocate and need to modify the parenting plan to maintain a strong parental bond
  • Agree on joint legal custody and joint physical custody and want to make sure that your child custody agreements are spelled out appropriately
  • Seek to become guardian of a child

Attorney Carol Weinstein Boileau spent 22 years as a regional counsel for Massachusetts in the Department of Welfare and Department of Social Services, litigating child custody and guardianship matters, and trained other lawyers to do the same. She stays abreast of emerging issues and trends in family law, and has proven herself before the courts to be capable and trustworthy. She can help you achieve your goals, while minimizing the impact on any involved child.

Every Case Is Different

The most important thing that Carol Weinstein Boileau takes into consideration is that every child is different and each child’s needs are different, including those children with special needs. If you and your child’s biological parent cannot agree on a parenting plan, the matter will go to court. However, at that point, you will have less control over the outcome of your child custody or modification matter.

Balanced Parenting Plans: Call 978-691-5666

Attorney Carol Weinstein Boileau has a demonstrated ability to resolve difficult custody and parenting plan issues. She knows how to approach complex child custody matters, which experts to involve, and when. Finally, she knows how to present compelling cases to the opposing side and in front of judges with whom she has presented and prepared rational arguments for decades. These are all factors that work for her clients’ benefit.

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